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Forget about the likes and mentions and incessant notifications: sometimes you just have to silence it all and chase your buddy down the mountain. And maybe throw a few shapes while you're at it. Join Utah ripper and racer Bryn Bingham (@brynnerthepinner), and jort-sporting all-around shredder, Delilah Cupp (@dcuppers) as they send it through some fast and flowy trails around Boulder, CO. The temptation to capture the perfect pose for the 'gram is strong, but they both eventually agree that the best part of riding bikes is throwing away any digital distractions and actually riding bikes. Just like we all get sick of the digital noise, nobody likes trail chatter. Washboard ruts, baby-head rocks, and rough roots can all conspire to wear you down and blast your feet off flat pedals. So we came up with Mute™️ foam, a patent-pending slow-rebound foam at the heart of our all-new Latch shoe.

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