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I am a multi-disciplinary digital content marketing executive with specific expertise and passion for producing unique and authentic digital content that inspires consumers, strengthens brands, and builds communities. My broad range of experience lends itself well to navigating complex challenges, identifying new trends, transforming creative ideas into successful campaigns, and guiding direction and collective understanding across teams.

Career highlights:

  • Helped develop and create Giro's Brand Ambassador program as a way to increase sales, aquire content, boost marketing, and build up regional Giro Snow team.

  • Created social media strategy for Giro Snow and Giro Bike social media channels that led to 30% increase in followers, 279% increase in web revenue from social media, and 101% increase in transactions from social media.

  • Developed and executed #ChairliftQ&A Series on @girosnow Instagram with Enni Rukajarvi (, Darcy Sharpe (, and Sebbe De Buck (

  • Created and executed #GiroInTheWild evergreen campaign on @girocycling and @girosnow as a way to engage with social media audience, reward fans for creating brand-specific content, and build community.

  • Spearheaded the idea and launch of Finish Line Women on the Finish Line Blog and Instagram (@FinishLineWomen) and demonstrated how a new online community increased sales.

  • Was a part of an incredible team that contributed to having the Finish Line Blog receive #2 spot in Complex's "The 10 Best Corporate Sneaker Blogs Right Now".

  • Interviewed a handful of my favorite athletes for unique content on Snowboard Mag, including Blake Paul, Darrell Mathes, Cheryl Maas, Dillon Ojo, Dan “Danimals” Liedahl, Cole Navin, Mike Rav, and more.

  • Acquired a worldly education while starting successful digital content marketing business. While traveling through +16 countries in a year and a half, I managed digital projects and consulted for a variety of companies including Joybird Furniture, Cannuka, Transamerica, Telhio Credit Union, Metal Masters, and more.

Specialties: Digital content strategy, sports marketing, project management, influencer and brand ambassador marketing, video production, social media, copywriting, SEO content pages, editorial team management.

Reach out if you want to talk about content, marketing, advertising, travel, snowboarding, surfing, or sneakers.

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