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Hey there! My name is Kaitlyn Schlicht, and I’m a world-class marketer, project manager copywriter, and coach.

You could say I’ve been around the block. I've had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed brands such as Finish Line, Giro Sport Design, Transamerica, and many other industry giants.


My experience and expertise in these roles have allowed me to develop a unique skill set, one that combines strategic marketing acumen, project management precision, compelling copywriting finesse, and effective coaching techniques to drive results and elevate brands to new heights.


My Story

I started freelance copywriting while I was in college studying journalism and advertising. Before that, even when I was very young, I always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I had big goals and wanted to achieve more than the average person.

Eventually, through hard work, networking, and years of persistence, I achieved my lifelong dream of managing a snowboarding magazine, and later driving a marketing strategy for a company that made action sports gear—allowing me to live a life where I could combine my passions, skillset, and my confidence.

I also invested heavily invested in other areas of my life like travel, health, time management, and relationships. These all work in tangent and help improve one another.

As my journey unfolded, I found myself drawn toward product marketing within the tech industry. In this role, I assumed responsibility for crafting impactful messaging, orchestrating go-to-market strategies, and overseeing promotions for innovative products. Today, I relish the opportunity to serve as a marketing consultant, digital project manager, and freelance copywriter for a diverse array of companies, both large and small, across various industries.


But, enough about business. Outside of work, I’m surfing a couple times a week. I love yoga, reading, walking my dog, and spending time with friends. Admittedly, I have a thirst for coffee that might border on excessive.

Feel free to browse my content to explore some of my favorite projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on. I’d love to discuss how I might be able to help you achieve your business and content goals or reach out with any questions you might have. 

I look forward to your success and the possibility of working together!

Companies I've Worked For



Giro Sport Design

Snowboard Mag



Joybird Furniture

Finish Line

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