I spearheaded Finish Line Women on the Finish Line Blog and on Instagram. At the time, women’s sales were down for Finish Line. The development of our women’s community created a more authentic space for a demographic we were previously ignoring. Creating this space proved to sell more women’s products. I was responsible for launching it, crafting copy, utilizing influencers for images, and growth.



I managed the @BuckIDDeals Twitter and Instagram communities daily; finding and creating appropriate images, crafting copy, and running giveaways and contests. The concept behind the channel is getting local Ohio State University merchants to pay for getting featured through our channels and get access to our community of +4k OSU student followers.  

I generated and am currently executing a social media strategy for Cannuka, a startup skincare company. I am responsible for managing the creation of assets, writing social copy, engaging with followers daily, and tracking conversions for Twitter and Instagram



For Telhio Credit Union, I developed a "Live local. Bank local." strategy for social media. To execute the strategy on Twitter and Instagram, I coordinate and receive photos from local Columbus photographers, post different messages around the benefits of keeping money local, demonstrate growth, and create a variety of social media campaigns.

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