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Throughout my tenure at Slickdeals, Giro Sport Design, and Finish Line, I assumed a pivotal role in directing and managing an extensive array of multifaceted campaigns including meticulously crafted product campaigns, strategically curated influencer collaborations, brand-building initiatives, and content creation ventures.

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Slickdeals - Cashback Rewards Program Launch

Achieved an impressive milestone of over 500,000 Cashback Rewards sign-ups within a single year by employing a strategic utilization of email marketing, persuasive push notifications, seasonal savings events, website placements, and enticing sweepstakes promotions.

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Slickdeals - Race to Rewards

To captivate and incentivize users to adopt additional Slickdeals products, my team and I devised the Race to Rewards digital event. This interactive and entertaining initiative enticed users to download the app, install the Extension, join Cashback Rewards, set up a Deal Alert, and explore numerous other functionalities. As a delightful outcome, the event witnessed an impressive 24% surge in the adoption of Slickdeals' product surface features during the launch week.


Giro - We'll Stop When You Stop Campaign

My team and I crafted an intricate marketing strategy to bolster Giro's new guiding mantra, "We'll Stop When You Stop." This comprehensive initiative entailed collaborating across all teams to produce captivating video content, compelling digital and print ads, and meticulously refining the website's copy to integrate the newly defined tone. Furthermore, a full social media and email campaign was devised to reinforce and amplify the brand's refreshed trajectory.

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Giro - Stories with Stone

To promote Giro's global snowboarding team, I collaborated closely with the esteemed photographer and prominent snowboarding influencer, Ethan Stone (widely known as E-Stone), to curate captivating narratives of athletes and images, infusing and social media channels with distinctive and genuine content. Feel free to explore an example from the remarkable six-part series by clicking here

Finish Line - Studio Sessions with Kendrick Lamar

To produce a narrative surrounding the re-release of Reebok Classics, my team and I collaborated with esteemed YouTube influencer, Jacques Slade. Together, we orchestrated an exclusive interview with Kendrick Lamar, delving into compelling topics such as his illustrious album, his formative years in Los Angeles, and, notably, his profound personal affinity for Reebok Classics.

Finish Line - NBA All-Star Weekend

During the NBA All-Star Weekend, my team and I orchestrated an opportunity by dispatching influencers Russ Bengtson and Jacques Slade to engage in enlightening interviews. While representing Finish Line, they conversed with 12 pro adidas NBA athletes, including Andrew Wiggins, Kenneth Faried, and Kyle Lowry. In these captivating discussions, the athletes shared their profound admiration for adidas.

Finish Line - Nike Women’s Half Marathon

In an endeavor to showcase Nike's latest footwear creations, create content for the Finish Line blog, and offer our esteemed influencers an unparalleled experience, my team and I orchestrated a luxury excursion to the Nike Women's Half Marathon. In this immersive experience, the influencers chronicled their training regimens, "must have" Finish Line gear, and participated in a virtual run alongside their dedicated followers before the marathon, 

Finish Line - Anna Bediones & "Not Just for the Gym"

To bolster Finish Line's array of women's products, my team and I formed a collaboration with the esteemed sneaker and style influencer, Anna Bediones. She provided style coordination tips to captivate readers, showcasing the versatile nature of Finish Line's offerings. Several of her images gracefully transcended the digital realm, finding their place as in-store assets, further elevating the allure of Finish Line's women's products.

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